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Apsley House, circa 1860

Apsley House, once known as 'Number 1 London'

Osterley House, completed 1761

Osterley House as remodelled in 1761

Interior of Eltham Palace, circa 1500

Eltham Palace, home to the young Henry VIII

Inspired by the splendour and grandeur of iconic houses and palaces in London

We proudly introduce the finest British made razors, shaving brushes, shaving sets and accessories to discerning gentlemen seeking the most luxurious of wet shaves.

Choose from an 'Art Deco' design shaving collection, or from modern and contemporary design shaving collections as purchases for oneself, or as luxury gifts for the gentleman in your life.


Our story

“Surely, the time is right to introduce high-end British made razors and shaving brushes to the men's shaving landscape” Read more...

The Apsley Collection

This stylishly modern Collection is named after Apsley House, a beautiful Georgian building famed for it’s once iconic address 'Number 1 London’ and became the home of the first Duke of Wellington. Read more...

The Eltham Collection

This traditional, Art Deco influenced Collection is named after Eltham Palace, of which the interior is widely regarded as the finest and most exquisite showpieces of 1930’s Art Deco design seen in Britain today. Read more...

The Osterley Collection

This understated, minimal influenced contemporary Collection is named after Osterley House - the pinnacle of a spectacular Georgian Estate in rural West London. Read more...


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