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Shaving Sets

made in Britain safety razor and shaving brush gift set
vegan freindly razor and shaving shaving set with stand
stainless steel razor and shaving brush stand

Shaving sets for men

Beautifully presented, 3-piece shaving sets comprising of:

  • Monogrammed safety razor
  • Shaving brush (synthetic fibre, or badger hair)
  • Laser etched stainless steel shaving set stand

Looking to acquire the highest quality shaving set to enhance your own shaving routine? Or, looking to purchase a shaving set as a heirloom gift?

Then consider an exquisitely designed shaving set from Wilde & Harte, made from 100% stainless steel, engineered to last a lifetime. Choice of Art Deco style traditional design shaving set, or stylish contemporary design shaving set.

Enjoy the most satisfactory, comfortable wet shave with the best tools for the job, the traditional way — prepare, lather, shave, then fragrance.

traditional razor shaving set
traditional shaving set gift box

Safety razors

Safety razors — (also known as 'double edge' razors) offer the closest possible shave and as an eco-consious (no plastic cartridge) shaving option, are becoming a very popular choice as the best all-round shaving solution.

Shaving with safety razor blades helps prevent razor burn and other unsightly skin problems. They are 100% recyclable and cost only a few pence to manufacture, making them an extremely low cost-per-shave.

Each safety razor in a Wilde & Harte shaving set is polished by hand to an impeccable mirror finish and features monogrammed detailing. These 100% stainless steel items are a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.

Ideal for regular shaving and for shaving sensitive skin.

monogrammed stainless steel safety razor
should I use a safety razor?
made in England stainless steel safety razor

Should I be using a safety razor?

Whether you want to help prevent shaving irritation, reinvigorate your sense of well being or invest in a high quality long lasting razor with low overheads, study these 5 key points and ask yourself 'Should I be using a safety razor?'

synthetic shaving brushes UK
badger hair shaving brush-in-stand

Shaving brushes

Wilde & Harte synthetic fibre shaving brushes feature very high-quality manufactured synthetic fibres to match the aesthetic and water absorbent characteristics of premium quality natural badger hair, yielding a rich creamy lather for your wet shave.

Wilde & Harte badger hair shaving brushes feature the highest quality fibres for superior water absorbency. Fibres are not trimmed at the ends or coloured to retain as much natural consistency as possible, forming a rich and dense lather.

The hand polished shaving brush handles, are machined from stainless steel in two designs; a traditional Art Deco design and an elegant contemporary design.

Shaving brush technical info

Badger shaving brush: Loft 54mm (height at base of hair to tip of hair) & Knot base: Ø21mm (diameter at base of hair)
Synthetic shaving brush: Loft 52mm (height at base of hair to tip of hair) & Knot base: Ø21mm (diameter at base of hair)

stainless steel shaving set stand
silvertip badger hair shaving brush

A lifetime of rich, creamy lather

Synthetic fibres and badger hair fibres will last many years when rinsed and dried correclty after use. After rinsing, hang your shaving brush upside down in your shaving set stand to dry.

However over time, fibres will naturally fall out and the shaving brush will become less absorbent. You may want to replace the fibres.

Now, each Wilde & Harte shaving brush is engineered in such a way, that it permits the brush fibres to unscrew from the handle and be replaced. This way, your shaving brush will serve up dense, rich, creamy shaving lather for a lifetime of luxurious wet shaves.

Note: Synthetic shaving brush fibres dry much more quickly than badger hair.

shaving brush knot replacement
interchangeable shaving knot

Proudly designed & engineered in Great Britain

Wilde & Harte Ltd are members of the 'Made in Britain' campaign, an initiative which is endorsed by the British Government, supported by British manufacturers and recognised by consumers, both at home and abroad.

All Wilde & Harte shaving items are manufactured, hand polished and laser etched in Sheffield, England. Each razor, shaving brush and shaving set stand is CAD (Computer Aided Design) generated, then precision engineered in stainless steel before skilled metal polishers apply the mirror finish. Finally, each item is assembled, quality checked and send back to design HQ in London for packing and dispatch.

Made in Great Britain

men's shaving gift sets
luxury shaving sets for men
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leather razor pouch
leather safety razor pouch
shaving brush knots

Shaving set accessories: Razor pouches & replacement shaving brush fibres

Leather razor pouches
When not stored in your shaving set stand, Wilde & Harte safety razors make very popular travel razors. Protect your safety razor in a soft leather pouch. Hand cut and stitched by British leather makers, these custom fit pouches are available in black or tan leather.

Replacement shaving brush fibres
Your stainless steel shaving brush handle will last a life time. However, your shaving brush bristles – even when cared for properly after each shave – will over time (typically many years), become less absorbent and need replacing. Choose a new shaving brush head.

Why purchase from Wilde & Harte?

  • Because our customers recommend us
    Read the many positive reviews published at Trustpilot.
    Our razors and shaving brushes are designed, manufactured, assembled and packaged in the UK.
  • Choice of unique, stylish razor and shaving brush designs
    Choice of traditional 'Art Deco' designs, or modern contemporary designs.
  • Plastic-free shaving options
    Adjust your shaving routine with a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, all stainless steel, plastic-free, eco-conscious shaving gift set.
  • FREE UK shipping
    We ship to UK destinations FREE of charge (2-3 day service). We also ship worldwide via DHL. Every order is fully trackable.


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