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Christmas Gifts for Men


(*) Osterley Mach3 Razor above: 130 USD, 115 EURO approx, excl. shipping


fusion razor with designer handle
best selling designer razors for men
stainless steel razor gift with lifetime guarantee
best shaving razor for men Christmas present
shaving gift set for Christmas

The very best quality handcrafted shaving razors & accessories. Proudly made in Great Britain.

Whether you're gift shopping for a friend, sibling, spouse, parent, son or daughter, quality shaving products appeal to people of all ages and taste — regardless if his or her taste is traditional or contemporary.

With such an array of shaving accessories to choose from in this most flourishing of market places, items such as leather wash bags, tweed wash bags, scented shaving creams, fragranced shaving soaps and luxury fragrances are merely a support cast to the most important and quintessential shaving accessories:

  • A top quality razor — Stylish, durable and guarenteed to offer close comfortable shaves
  • Razor, shaving brush & stand set — Hand crafted items for the most luxurious and indulgent shave

best shaving razor for men Christmas present
(*) 130 USD, 115 EURO approx, excl. shipping
shaving gift set for Christmas


Razors explained

Gillette system (cartridge) razors are the most popular razors purchased globally and are available in two variations:

Our suggestion?

May we suggest our Osterley Mach3 'Stocking Filler', or the pick of our Fusion razors, the Art Deco Eltham Fusion razor.


Stainless steel safety razors are very popular again due to the 'plastic free' environmental benefits and the very low cost-per-shave acheived using traditional double edge razor blades.

fusion razor with designer handle
best selling designer razors for men
stainless steel razor gift with lifetime guarantee

The Apsley Safety Razor (above) is a modern safety razor of the highest quality. Guaranteed for a lifetime of shaves.

Still undecided which razor to buy?

Lifestyle is a key consideration. If your recipient would benefit from a minimal fuss, time-efficient shave then a Gillette cartridge razor is your answer. Should you be purchasing for a wet shave enthusiast demanding the closest, most luxurious wet shave, then consider purchasing a safety razor. Or, fancy going all-in to make a gifting statement? We have just the ticket! Read on...

best grooming kits for christmas
classic design safety razor
best british shaving brushes
stainless steel 3-piece shaving set stand
red sateen gift box

Gift the gent in your life the finest shaving experience this Christmas

For the most luxurious and satisfying wet shave, Wilde & Harte offer beautifully crafted 100% stainless steel '3 piece' Shaving Gift Sets. Each Gift Set comprising of:

  • Safety razor; offering the closest possible wet shave, these stunning 'double edge' razors feature monogrammed detailing
  • Shaving brush; choice of synthetic fibre, or badger hair to lather up your favourite scented shaving cream or shaving soap
  • Shaving set stand; so perfectly polished, these stands have been known to double up as a shaving mirror!

Each shaving gift set item is beautifully presented in a satin gift box (choice of white or red satin) to ensure a luxurious gifting experience.

Wilde & Harte shaving gift sets are available in a traditional 'Art Deco' design, or a beautifully sleek and modern, contemporary design.

Did you know? Safety razors are kind to your skin, the environment AND your pocket. Learn more


Once in a life time gift purchase

Wilde & Harte razors and shaving gift sets are manufactured from 100% stainless steel, no cheap alloys, plastics or chrome plated parts — perfect as once in a life time gift purchases. Learn more about our stainless steel razors and how our shaving gift sets offer a lifetime of the finest shaves.

Gift accessories — Razor stands & leather razor pouches

Razor stands
The 'paperweight' (or 'cone') razor stand is the perfect solution for storing your Wilde & Harte Mach3 razor or Fusion razor in a space efficient upright position in your bathroom.

Leather safety razor pouches
When not stored in your shaving set stand, Wilde & Harte safety razors make very popular travel razors. Protect your safety razor in a soft leather pouch. Hand cut and stitched by British leather makers, these custom fit pouches are available in black or tan leather.

leather razor pouch
paperweight razor stand


Why purchase from Wilde & Harte?

  • Because our customers recommend us!
    Read the many positive reviews published at Trustpilot.
    Our razors are designed, manufactured, assembled and packaged in the UK.
  • Choice of unique, stylish razor handle designs
    Choice of a traditional 'Art Deco' razor handle design, or modern, contemporary handle designs.
  • Choice of Gillette cartridge razors or single blade safety razors
    You may purchase a Gillette cartridge compatible razor (3 blade Mach3 and 5 blade Fusion), or a traditional single blade (double edge) safety razor.
  • We sell Britain's ONLY 100% stainless steel safety razors
    Both the safety razor heads and handles are manufactured from stainless steel, thus a 100% plastic free safety razor.
  • Matching shaving accessories
    Wilde & Harte also design and manufacture matching shaving brushes (synthetic fibre or badger hair) and shaving set stands, which may be purchased together as a matching Gift Set.
  • Plastic-free shaving options
    Adjust your shaving routine with an all-metal, once-in-a-lifetime purchase eco-conscious safety razor.
  • FREE UK shipping!
    We ship to UK destinations FREE of charge (2-3 day service). We also ship worldwide via DHL. Every order is fully trackable.


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