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Made in Britain

Wilde & Harte Ltd are members of the 'Made in Britain' campaign, an initiative which is endorsed by the British Government, supported by British manufacturers and recognised by consumers, both at home and abroad.

The 'Made in Britain' marque is only accredited to a business — such as Wilde & Harte — who can provide evidence that items for sale under the business brand have been manufactured in Great Britain.

Wilde & Harte Made in Britain

Who's behind the initiative?

The 'Made in Britain' marque is managed by a committee made up of MDs and CEOs of UK manufacturing companies. Together they have formed a not-for-profit company called Made in Great Britain Campaign Ltd.

the Made in Britain marque

Above: A small sample of British manufacturers, registered with Made in Great Britain Campaign 

Further information

Learn more about the 'Made in Great Britain' campaign, or our made in UK razors.

made in Sheffield razor

Above: The Eltham Mach3 Razor, made in Sheffield, UK

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