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From 01 January 2021 the United Kingdom's departure from the EU will only effect existing EU member state purchases. EU customers will now pay a local TAX rate (not the UK rate of 20%) at the delivery destination.

Delivery Queries & Prices

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Product Queries

Which blades are compatible with my razor?
Wilde & Harte razors are compatible with both the Gillette MACH3 and the Gillette FUSION razor systems. However, should you purchase a Wilde & Harte safety razor, you must use single 'double edge' razor blades.

Where can I buy compatible razor blades?
Gillette MACH3 cartridge systems, Gillette FUSION cartridge systems and single double edge razor blades may be purchased at all leading pharmacies, leading supermarkets and on many online stores.

What shaving brush should I choose – synthetic shaving brush or badger shaving brush?

  • Synthetic Shaving Brushes
    If you are vegetarian or vegan, then you should consider a synthetic hair shaving brush. Each Wilde & Harte synthetic shaving brush features very high-quality manufactured synthetic fibres to match the aesthetic and water absorbent characteristics of premium quality natural badger hair.
  • Badger Shaving Brushes
    Wilde & Harte shaving brushes feature the highest grade superior 'best' badger hair to achieve the highest quality wet shave. 'Best' badger hair is very soft, very moisture absorbent and yields a very creamy lather to assist with your wet shave. Used carefully, badger hair will last many years.

Can I replace the badger or synthetic hairs on my shaving brush?
Yes, you can easily replace your shaving brush fibres and if you wish, you may own both badger hair fibres and synthetic hair fibres for the same shaving brush. Read more.

What are the razor and shaving brush handles made from?
Each razor handle is manufactured from British stainless steel. Your razor handle will not discolour, rust or stain — especially when in regular contact with water or damp environments.

Will each razor or shaving brush be dispatched in a Wilde & Harte gift box as seen on the website images?
Yes. Purchases are dispatched in a branded gift box (individually hand made in the UK) making them ideal gifts for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries or Father's Day.

My gift box arrived damaged. Can you send me a replacement?
Should the gift box become damaged during transit, please contact us immediately to arrange a replacement, free of charge.

Can I return my item(s)?
Click here to read our return and refund policy.

General Queries

Am I charged tax on my purchases?

  • For orders destined within the UK, purchases are inclusive of 20% Value Added Tax (VAT).
  • For orders destined outside of the UK, the payment of duties and taxes at the delivery destination are the responsibility of the recipient.

Will payments for my item(s) be safe and secure?
Yes. The payment gateway in use at (Worldpay) is fully PCI compliant to the highest level of PCI. You may safely make a payment through Worldpay or PayPal with your credit or debit card on this website.

Where are Wilde & Harte products designed and manufactured?
All of our razors, shaving brushes and product packaging are manufactured in the UK. We are a member of the 'Made in Great Britain' campaign.

Do your products meet European quality guidelines?
Yes. Our products and packaging adhere to required European quality guidelines.

I'm a business owner. May I place a wholesale order for your products?
If you require Wilde & Harte products for your retail shop or online store, please provide us with more information.

Still have a query?
Please contact Wilde & Harte.



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