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choosing the right razor

The choice of razors available to purchase at Wilde & Harte fall into two categories. Gillette system razors, or traditional double edge safety razors.

Gillette system razors

Commonly known as Gillette cartridge razors, Mach3 and Fusion razors are the most popular razors purchased today.

  • Gillette Mach3 — 3 blades in the plastic cartridge with small cartridge release button
  • Gillette Fusion — 5 blades in the plastic cartridge with lozenge shaped release button


Safety razors

Also known as traditional 'double edge' razors and associated with shaving brushes, safety razors offer the closest, cleanest shave (excellent for exfoliating the skin) and as an eco-consious (no plastic cartridge) shaving option, safety razors are becoming very popular again. Simply unscrew the razor into three pieces to insert a double edge blade.

Note: Replacement Gillette Mach3 cartridges, Gillette Fusion cartridges and packs of double edge razor blades are widely available from supermarkets, pharmacies and shaving websites.

Which razor is best for me?

Lifestyle is a key consideration. If you require a minimal fuss, time-efficient regular shave then a Gillette cartridge razor is your answer. Both Mach3 or Fusion cartridge razors offer a good clean, no-frills shave. Fusion cartridges yield a closer shave and have a longer 'shave' life which is reflected in the purchase price.

Should you want the closest, most luxurious wet shave, then consider using a safety razor. Shaving with a safety razor is gaining in popularity as many men and women are looking for plastic-free, frugal shaving solutions.

Shaving with a safety razor is regarded as 'traditional' shaving, associated with scented shaving creams and lathered up shaving brushes.


Should I use a safety razor?

Well, many of us are! Safety razors are kind to your skin, the environment and your pocket. Learn of more detailed reasons why it may be time to own a safety razor.


What is the cost per shave?

Starting with the most cost-effective shave first:

  1. Safety razor double edge blades: Very, very cheap. A pack of 10 typically costs only a couple of British pounds (two and a half US dollars) and yield easily 30-40 shaves per pack of 10.
  2. Gillette Mach3 cartridge blades: Cost around £1.50 per cartridge (a couple of US dollars), sold in packs of 4 or 8 with each cartridge exposing three nano sharp blades to the skin, lasting up to 5-7 shaves per cartridge.
  3. Gillette Fusion cartridge blades: Cost around £2.50 per cartridge (around 3 US dollars), sold in packs of 4 or 8 with each cartridge exposing five nano sharp blades to the skin, lasting up to 10 shaves per cartridge.

With a good understanding of the type of razor you would like to purchase, let us introduce to you the razor handle designs which make a Wilde & Harte razor such a sought after shaving accessory.

The Apsley Collection

A stylishly modern shaving Collection named after Apsley House, famed for it’s once iconic address 'Number 1 London’, home of the first Duke of Wellington... Read more


The Eltham Collection

An Art Deco influenced shaving Collection named after Eltham Palace, the childhood home of Henry VIII. The interior showcases the finest 1930’s Art Deco design seen in Britain today... Read more


The Osterley Collection

An understated, contemporary design shaving Collection named after Osterley House, the pinnacle of a spectacular Georgian Estate in West London... Read more


Razor accessories

Razor stands
The 'paperweight' (or 'cone') razor stand is the perfect solution for storing your Wilde & Harte Mach3 razor or Fusion razor in a space efficient upright position in your bathroom.

Leather safety razor pouches
Custom fit hand cut and stitched leather razor case in brown and black. The leather is embossed with the 'WH' monogram. A stylish fit to protect your Wilde & Harte safety razor.

Double edge razor blades
Choice of super stainless double edge razor blades, or platinum coated hi-stainless double edge razor blades.


Why purchase from Wilde & Harte?

  • Because our customers recommend us!
    Read the many positive reviews published at Trustpilot.
    Our razors are designed, manufactured, assembled and packaged in the UK.
  • Choice of unique, stylish razor handle designs
    Choice of a traditional 'Art Deco' razor handle design, or modern, contemporary handle designs.
  • Choice of Gillette cartridge razors or single blade safety razors
    You may purchase a Gillette cartridge compatible razor (3 blade Mach3 and 5 blade Fusion), or a traditional single blade (double edge) safety razor.
  • We sell Britain's ONLY 100% stainless steel safety razors
    Both the safety razor heads and handles are manufactured from stainless steel, thus a 100% plastic free safety razor.
  • Matching shaving accessories
    Wilde & Harte also design and manufacture matching shaving brushes (badger or synthetic fibre), shaving set stands, handmade leather razor pouches and razor stands.
  • Plastic-free shaving options
    Adjust your shaving routine with an all-metal, once-in-a-lifetime purchase eco-conscious safety razor.
  • FREE UK shipping!
    We ship to UK destinations FREE of charge (2-3 day service). We also ship worldwide via DHL. Every order is fully trackable.


Wish to learn more?

Learn more about the inspiration behind the Wilde & Harte brand and how we design and manufacture the finest shaving accessories available to purchase today. Read our story

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