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23Jan Plastic-free shaving: calling all eco-conscious gentlemen

In times of environmental crisis, it’s incumbent on a gentleman to do his bit for the planet. And, we think you’ll concur, if he can fight climate change simply by making rewarding changes to his day-to-day existence — at zero inconvenience to himself — then so much the better. 

Just such an adjustment can be made to one’s morning ablutions, merely by banishing horrid faux horn and faux ivory plastic razors and replacing them with elegant, all-metal, once-in-a-lifetime purchased Made-in-Britain safety razors that strike an altogether more sophisticated note in the discerning gentleman’s bathroom, while being decidedly better for good old Planet Earth.

plastic free shaving

Eltham safety razor (foreground), Osterley safety razor (background)

You won’t find a smidgeon of plastic in Wilde & Harte’s beautifully crafted safety razors — and there’s not a bit of non-biodegradable stuff in the packaging, either. Disposable plastic shaving cartridges might seem temptingly convenient for the suave yet time-pushed gent, but they’re more likely to cause unsightly rashes and shaving infections because they’re used over and over again in the quest for value for money. And yes, razor cartridges really do cost a ridiculous amount for what they are – so they’re rather unsatisfactory all round, we think you’ll agree.

Plastic-free shaving is the order of the day, and indeed the order of the decade, and a Wilde & Harte stainless steel safety razor, shaving brush and stand are just the ticket. They’re packaged with gratifying efficiency in a small gift box, so they make excellent presents as well as a treat for oneself.


eco friendly shaving set

Vegan friendly shaving set


New to safety razors?

If you’ve never used a safety razor before, be not alarmed! For gentleman who enjoy a wet shave, a safety razor really is a cut above — if you’ll excuse the pun. We’ve previously extolled the virtues of a safety razor, but to recap: they’ll give you a close shave minus the razor burn and ingrown hairs, and all for a remarkably low cost-per-shave that generates zero waste.

In short...

The safety razor really is an indispensable bit of kit in the modern, eco-conscious gentleman’s grooming ritual, to be combined with a badger hair (or even better, a synthetic fibre) shaving brush for the ultimate in washroom refinement. Furthermore, they last a lifetime. So synchronise grooming rituals, gentlemen, post-haste.


Oh, and do tell all your chums.

zero waste razor blades

Feather double edge razor blades


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