27Jan How to use a safety razor

If you’ve never used a safety razor before, be not alarmed! In this article, we explain how to acheive a close and comfortable wet shave with your safety razor. Starting with the basics, we explain how to insert the razor blade and how to prepare for your shave.

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27Jan Which type of razor is best for me?

What are cartridge razors? Are 5 blade razors better than 3 blade razors? What is a double edge razor? Which shave is cheapest? Which shave is best for my skin? With so many questions you need to ask yourself before trying a different type of shave, we've put together an…

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01Jul Truefitt & Hill Sheffield Steel Razor

Sheffield — the city in Northern England synonymous with the manufacturing of stainless steel during the Industrial Revolution. The city, it's innovation, skilled population and natural river networks made it an integral part of Britain’s global commercial dominance during the mid 18th Century. Sheffield excelled in the manufacturing of steel cutlery…

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04Jun Mens Travel Razor

Let’s face it — when away on an overnight business trip or a short city break, your time is best spent recalculating the figures in your spreadsheet, or planning where best to visit for an aperitif and fine local cuisine. Don’t waste valuable time at your hotel trying to achieve a…

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