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29Oct Best Razor for my Dad

Choosing a razor for your Dad as a birthday gift or Christmas present is a very popular choice indeed. Every man shaves - even men with beards will eventually need to shave one day! So, choosing a razor which will both delight your Dad and offer many years comfortable shaving proves a very wise decision. 

Which is the best razor for my Dad?

A razor which feels comfortable in the hand

Plastic handles are too light and furthermore, feel very cheap. Ultra sharp blades glide over the skin so a weighted handle in hand is required to offer more control over the shave, resulting in less cuts and nicks.

Wilde & Harte razors are manufactured from stainless steel. The mirror-polished handles feel weighty and luxurious, giving confidence to apply the necessary pressure to the blades and yield an excellent close shave.

A razor which looks stylish

There are lots of uninspired designs available to buy at very inflated prices from retailers and online stores. The vast majority of razors are of a similar standard shape as they are cheap to manufacture overseas. Logos rub off and chrome plating eventually turns yellow. Even so called 'luxury razors' can start to look aged and dated within months.

Wilde & Harte razors are made from durable, hand-polished stainless steel and available in unique, stylish contemporary or traditional designs - inspired by the grandeur of iconic houses and palaces in London. A branded enamel logo at the end of the razor not only adds to the feel of luxury, but like the razor itself, will last a lifetime.

Above: The 'Eltham' Fusion razor in handmade gift box.

A razor which is very high quality

A combination of plastic and chrome on the majority of popular razors may look new for a while - if looked after carefully - however, metal plating and plastics will dull, fade and corrode over time.

Wilde & Harte razors are manufactured in the UK from premium quality stainless steel, then polished to an ultra bright mirror finish by hand. Stainless steel is an extremely durable alloy that does not corrode, rust of lose any of it’s high quality finish. Genuine Gillette components are used to ensure the longevity of each Gillette Mach3 or Fusion razor.

A razor which is beautifully presented

Each Wilde & Harte razor is presented in a branded, handmade gift box. The logo is foil embossed on the lid and each razor sits in a luxury foam base to prevent movement during delivery. 

A razor which is made in UK

The British design and manufacturing industry is still amongst the best in the world. Wilde & Harte razors are designed using the latest CAD software, then manufactured in Sheffield using British steel. Skilled metal finishers hand polish each razor handle to an impeccable mirror finish. Every gift box is hand made here in the UK.

Made in Britain

When we say ‘Made in the UK’ we absolutely mean it!

A gift which offers FREE UK delivery

Online orders for Wilde & Harte razors attract FREE shipping to UK destinations and typically take only 2-3 business days to arrive.

Which type of razor do I buy?

Go take a look at his existing razor and count the number of blades it has.

Wilde & Harte Mach3 Razor

Wilde & Harte Fusion Razor

Wilde & Harte double edge safety Razor

If the razor has 3 blades, then consider a Wilde & Harte Mach3 compatible razor.
Gillette Mach3 razor systems are the most popular in the world and offer a good comfortable shave. 3 blades sit in a detachable plastic cartridge. Replacement cartridges can be purchased at all major pharmacies and supermarkets. The cost is around £1.50 per cartridge (sold in packs of 4 or 8) and each cartridge should last up to 6-8 shaves.

Shop the range of Wilde & Harte Mach3 compatible razors

If the razor has 5 blades, then consider a Wilde & Harte Fusion compatible razor.
Although not quite as popular as Mach3 razor systems, Gillette Fusion razor systems offer a very sharp, close shave. 5 blades sit in a detachable plastic cartridge. Again, replacement cartridges can be purchased at all major pharmacies and supermarkets. The cost is around £2.50 per cartridge (sold in packs of 4 or 8) and each cartridge should last up to 10 shaves.

Shop the range of Wilde & Harte Fusion compatible razors

If the razor is neither of these and unscrews into 3 parts, then consider a traditional double edge safety razor.

Safety razor shaving is the old fashioned way to shave. However, in recent years it has become very popular again and global sales of safety razors is increasing at an alarming rate. The three main reasons are:

  1. Quality of shave. Without question, safety razors offer the closest smoothest shave possible.
  2. Cost. Double edge razor blades are very, very cheap. A pack of 10 cost only £1 and yield easily 25-30 shaves per pack of 10.
  3. Tradition. Safety razors go hand-in-hand with badger hair shaving brushes and luxury shaving cream, offering a luxury, indulgent experience.

Shop the range of Wilde & Harte Safety razors

Customer Reviews

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